Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Zork Phase

Right now I'm in that dreaded phase where I've just finished one comic series, and I've got nothing to do but wait until the next comes. And so I've spent the whole of this morning, and a bit of yesterday, playing Zork. It's addictive, and I love games that have alternate destinies depending on the actions that you do. My friends sort of gape at me when I explain to them it's an interactive fiction computer game from 1982. But really, think of it instead as a really old novel in which you can decide the fate of your own character (although the point of the game is to survive, so I guess that kind of limits your alternate destinies a little).
It's no World of Warcraft, but I'm in that low point of life where I've played a fantastic game for so long, it's become a little boring. And so Zork does well to help me through this depressing transition until I find a better, more permanent game to play. Any suggestions?
The next comic series I'm about to read is a good ol' Marvel called Avenger's Academy. It's nice to be back to the familiar boomboompowpow comics.

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