Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ghost Rider

Hi non-existant readers, this is Bob again as Joe can't lift his ass of the couch for one minute to talk to figments of our imagination (no offense non-existant audience). But anyway, this post will actually be about comics and art as promised, and I'll be talking about GHOST RIDER!

(Front cover of Ghost Rider #1)
Doesn't he look amazing?
So the main plot of the story is basically this guy called Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the devil in order to save his dad who's about to die of cancer, but just as he's in the middle of trying to summon the devil, his girlfriend walks in and stop the whole thing by chanting out some stuff and she saves Johnny's life, somewhat. However the other half of his soul makes him GHOST RIDER. And yes, I do have to capitalize his name every time he's mentioned). This is sort of the prologue, while the comic series is actually about how the devil has escaped from the underworld but his soul has been shattered into six hundred and sixty six parts that take upon a body of their own. And obviously, being the devil, death and destruction follow him wherever he goes, and Ghost Rider is the only thing strong enough to stop him.
I am terrible at story summaries and if you actually read the comic it is just SO MUCH more intense and awesome than how I say it. It is written by Daniel Way and BUY IT or download it off a torrent or something, because it's so worth it.
Yay, first comic review done. Now I must go join Joe as we battle a cave full of Monstrous bats, while eating cheese puffs.
And here, a picture of Ghost Rider sailing through the air in front of a improbably massive moon, with his Ghost Rider bike which he has just summoned.

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