Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who watches the Watchmen?

  HI. I haven't blogged in a long time, what with school starting and all that. But I'd like to give my comic update, or in this case.. a MOVIE UPDATE.
  So I've read the comic Watchmen agessss ago and it's always been one of my favorite. It's about superheroes emerging in the 1940s-ish, and how they helped to win the Vietnam war and how everyone in America is going crazy with terror at the idea of nuclear war against the Soviet Union. It was published by DC comics, and although I guess it contains some 'mature content', I'd recommend it to anyone.
  I hate horror movies. Or any movies, really, with any blood. I almost died while watching Prometheus (AN ALIEN BABY? REALLY? It's more creepy than Breaking Dawn), and so I steered clear of the Watchmen movies since it was created in 2009. And then yesterday, I was looking for something to do (Because, yknow, it's not like my homework is due TOMORROW or anything...), and I came across Watchmen on some torrent site. And I watched it.
  And it was awesome.
  Like really awesome.
  It was created to be the exact same as the comics, word for word and everything, and I'm glad. You change ANYTHING Alan Moore wrote and it just seems wrong. The actors were brilliant (I feel like I overuse the word awesome), especially The Comedian, acted by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In every movie, such as Grey's Anatomy or P.S. I love you, he comes across as the really sweet guy, with cute dimples and a heart-melting grin (Literally, like I think I need new coronary arteries). But in Watchmen, with his giant cigar and black mask, his grin turns evil and he's the perfect, twisted 'villan' ever.
  Watchmen is one of the best movies I've watched in a long time, and it sure beats The Dark Knight Rises which disappointed me greatly. AND EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT.
  A picture of my desktop wallpaper to show you how stalker-ish I am:

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