Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wait, DC can write comics??

  Well, Joe's out with his 'guy gang' and they have this sort of no girls allowed thing, so here I am, blogging to imaginary people on a Friday afternoon. How sad do I feel? Very. So far this morning, to quench my boredom, I've tried reading Neil Gaiman books, playing World of Warcraft, and attempting to aid Joe with his oil painting of Ghost Rider. But obviously, none of that helped and I'm left with the same amount of boredom, and a painting that resembles more of a soft, worm-eaten peach, than it does a skull (shh don't tell Joe) (Because, yes, the best place to announce that is on a blog with which I share with Joe)
  And now I've resorted to having bracketed conversations with myself on blogger.
  Well, as I'm here, I may as well give a comic update. I'm about to start reading a Vertigo comic by DC comics called The Unwritten. And this, actually, is the first proper DC comic I have ever read. Shame on me, as a comic book fan, I know. DC never actually seemed that appealing to me, especially Superman. I mean, he is practically one of the most boring (and yet most powerful), superheroes ever created. Seriously. He has practically every power human kind can think of: flight, super strength, super speed, super hearing, super sight, x-ray vision, the red heat eye beam thing, and so much more. It's just not right to have one guy so much more powerful than the rest.
Superman the movie!! I love Brandon Routh

  But anyway, The Unwritten is a comic book different to most of the comic books I actually read (The powpow, KABOOM, blood and gut types). The Unwritten focuses more of the life of one guy called Tom Taylor instead of a whole team. It's still an ongoing series, and it has crazy plots that involve fantasy creatures such as the whale that ate pinocchio's dad and the mansion in which Frankenstein was created. So it's like an ordinary novel, but drawn! How cool?? I'll start reading the comic series in an hour or two when it arrives and I'll give a review on that, because I know you so desperately want me to.
  Yeah, you're welcome.

(A page of The Unwritten. The art is a little different than I'm used to)
  Now that I've seen DC can actually create some readable content, I've searched up a few more of Vertigo comics and discovered Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol, I guess, does fall in to the BloodnGuts (that would an awesome name for an actual genre of comics) section, but it's still very different from popular Marvel comics such as X-Factor, or Secret Avengers (The Secret Avengers? Must check). Doom Patrol is made up of super-powered misfits who are alienated from the rest of the world and called freaks. So, sort of like the mutants who formed the X-men in the Marvel world. They have crazy adventures with super villains such as The Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (what?) and a brain. This series was actually created back in 1963 so volume 1-3 are drawn in simplistic block colors and most of the writing contains way more exclamation marks than I can bear. But for the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, I must soldier on. Doom Patrol was actually cancelled at around volume 4, where Arnold Drake made the most dramatic ending by killing every single member (sorry if you were going to read it and I just spoiled it for you, but hey, Wikipedia didn't give me any heads up either). They do somehow resurrect again though, as superheroes always do, and Doom Patrol is relaunched and cancelled around a million more times.
  But hey, a quote I found on Wiki by Drake:
...I’ve become more and more convinced that [Stan Lee] knowingly stole The X-Men from The Doom Patrol. When I first brought the idea into [DC editor] Murray Boltinoff’s office, it would’ve been easy for someone to walk over and hear that [I was] working on a story about a bunch of reluctant superheroes who are led by a man in a wheelchair.
  Yes Drake, because DAMN IT every comic book writer wants a paralyzed guy as their team leader. Jeez, I think this guy is just jealous because Doom Patrol (sort of) failed and X-men has spawned so many more popular teams such as X-Factor (woohoo!) and X-Force.
  Wow, ok, I wrote so much more than I expected but comic books deserve article long rants. Now I must go read The Unwritten and next post will be the review. Woohoo more waffling rants. And I have a great urge to say: till next time folks.


  1. I love this series! If you read any of Jasper Fforde's novels like "Thursday Next" you should enjoy this book. I find it to be a very real world grounded book, that happens to have magic and book jumping in it.

    1. That is EXACTLY what someone else said to me, so now I am so definitely reading Thursday Next. Thank you, and your good taste in comics.